• Hello world v.2

    So my PhD thesis is coming to an end and I will be defending soon (hooray!). Time to catch up with Voxelent. Looking forward to the release of the book WebGL Insights where Kamyar and I have contributed with the chapter about Cameras (coming August 2015). I am really excited about the upcoming WebRTC and

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  • Updating the code of the WebGL Beginner’s Guide!

    Hi there! I just wanted to write a short note to let you know that I am reviewing the code examples of the WebGL Beginnner’s guide. The specification has evolved since I write the book and so has the implementation in the different browsers. I have noticed that some examples present WebGL warnings and a

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  • Version 0.90.0 is available : the fastest voxelent yet!


    There are a lot of bug fixes and performance improvements over the previous versions. We have reduced the rendering time to a third by implementing several WebGL performance tricks. Feel free to check the demo page. Fixed Bugs camera type undefined when creating a camera. longShot after setRoll works now (vxlCamera) the...

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  • Tutorial: How to run local webgl apps with Chrome

    If you are developing your webgl app locally using Chrome you probably have run into the problem where geometry cannot be loaded in the background using AJAX ($.get() anyone?) The reason for this is that Chrome is rather restrictive about loading resources when you work under the file:// protocol. Usually this is not a...

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  • Tutorial: Cameras (work in progress)


    In this tutorial we will learn about the basic camera operations and also about the different types of cameras available in voxelent. Let’s get started How to get a handle of the active camera a) Using vxl.c.camera The fastest way to access the active camera is through voxelent current namespace. Let’s take...

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  • Spring ’14: The current state of things

    Hello! We have been away for a while due to PhD commitments. But now I have a bit of time and as Charles Dickens would say I have been recalled to life and I expect to start updating this business in the measure that time allows me to do.

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  • Tutorial: Camera Landmarks


    Hello, and welcome once more to a voxelent tutorial. In this tutorial we explore the concept of camera landmarks. Landmarks are features that simplify our life when we work in 3D environments. Instead of having to hard code and remember positions where our camera needs to be, we can save the position and orientation of...

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  • WebGL Beginner’s Guide – Korean Edition

    Annyong Haseyo!   Today I was nicely surprised when I received a courtesy copy of the WebGL Beginner’s Guide in Korean. Thank you PACKT publishing!  

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  • Tutorial: Visualization modes


    An actor can be represented in many ways. We can have a see the surface or the wireframe of an actor or maybe we are just interested in the bounding box. In Voxelent each actor keeps track of its visualization mode in its mode property.

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  • From 0.89.1 to 0.89.3: new features, fixed bugs, performance improvements

    The following is a summary of what is new or what is changed since version 0.89.1 to version 0.89.3. There are lots of new features such as: camera landmarks: save and retrieve a camera configuration by name texture filtering: the ability to specify the magnification and minification filters programmatically. cell and object...

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