• Intro to Voxelent

    The following google docs presentation (please wait a second while it loads) shows some of the basic architectural components that make part of Voxelent. The presentation covers Scenes, Actors, Models, Cameras, Interaction and Animation. There have been some changes and upgrades since the date of the presentation. Nonetheless...

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  • Tutorial: Scene Toys

    bounding box demo

    Each Voxelent scene has some special actors that allows us to orient ourselves. These actors are: Bounding Box: it is a rectangular prism that encloses all the objects in the scene. Axis: tells us where the center of the scene is Floor: tells us where up and down is in the scene

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  • Working on the tutorials

    Hello friends, We are working on new tutorials showing all the amazing features that Voxelent has to offer. Next week we will have:   How to perform frame-to-frame animation using the vxlFrameAnimation class Understanding Lookup Tables and how we can use them to display our scalar data Scene Toys: bounding box, floor...

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  • WebGL Beginner’s Guide is published!

    The WebGL Beginner’s guide, the book that I have been working on for the last year is now published! I would like to thank to all the people who were involved in this project, starting with Brandon Jones

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  • Tutorial: Loading Models

    In this tutorial you will learn about the mechanisms that you can use to load models in Voxelent.

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  • Back to business!

    There are a lot of exciting updates this spring. The first one is that I am in the review stages of the manuscript for the book WebGL Beginner’s Guide. This has kept me awake long nights and I am looking forward to its publication this year. Having finished the bulk work on the book, I

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  • Tutorial: Working with the Public API

    Voxelent contains a rich set of classes to develop 3D web applications. To speed up and simplify the construction of Voxelent Apps, we have included a public API.

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  • Tutorial: Quick Start

    Hello, in this first tutorial we will download Voxelent and use it to create a simple 3D scene.

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  • Visiting Kitware

    Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 8.04.31 PM

    I have been invited to give a one hour talk about voxelent for Kitware at Chapell Hill in North Carolina. I have been working like a crazy man in this presentation and I am confident I am bringing lots of good stuff to share with the developers over there. I apologize if you read the tutorials and

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