• Version 0.90.0 is available : the fastest voxelent yet!


    There are a lot of bug fixes and performance improvements over the previous versions. We have reduced the rendering time to a third by implementing several WebGL performance tricks. Feel free to check the demo page. Fixed Bugs camera type undefined when creating a camera. longShot after setRoll works now (vxlCamera) the...

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  • From 0.89.1 to 0.89.3: new features, fixed bugs, performance improvements

    The following is a summary of what is new or what is changed since version 0.89.1 to version 0.89.3. There are lots of new features such as: camera landmarks: save and retrieve a camera configuration by name texture filtering: the ability to specify the magnification and minification filters programmatically. cell and object...

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  • Update on version 0.89.1

    After some hard work these are the new features that have been added in the latest version of voxelent Python files document_plexo.py has been renamed to document.py now all the subprojects get documented at the same time so we don't miss anything. New classes in Nucleo vxlMesh: enables cell by cell operations (triangles)...

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  • Version 0.89 Crocodile Rock – Lots of new features!

    The latest version of voxelent is packed with new features. Let’s take a look at some of them API updates getActor: retrieves an actor by name or by UID getActorByUID: retrieves an actor by unique identifier (UID) getProgram: returns the current shading program name setup: the third argument (handleLayout) indicates...

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  • Voxelent updated to version 0.88

    Voxelent platform (codename nucleo) has been updated to version 0.88.

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