• Intro to Voxelent

    The following google docs presentation (please wait a second while it loads) shows some of the basic architectural components that make part of Voxelent. The presentation covers Scenes, Actors, Models, Cameras, Interaction and Animation. There have been some changes and upgrades since the date of the presentation. Nonetheless...

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  • Tutorial: Scene Toys

    bounding box demo

    Each Voxelent scene has some special actors that allows us to orient ourselves. These actors are: Bounding Box: it is a rectangular prism that encloses all the objects in the scene. Axis: tells us where the center of the scene is Floor: tells us where up and down is in the scene

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  • Tutorial: Colour look-up tables

    Painting your scalar datasets is dead simple in Voxelent. That means your model has scalar values and you’d like to map it into RGB colour specification. All you need to do is to call vxl.api.loadLUTS() to set the directory to where your colour tables are located and then set the look-up table accordingly using...

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  • Tutorial: How to visualize medical surfaces (VTK)


    In this tutorial you will learn how to visualize medical surfaces using Voxelent. Many medical applications involve 3D visualization of patient data to assist physicians in performing diagnosis, pre-operative planning, or even training. Recent advances in both hardware and software technologies opens new possibilities...

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  • Tutorial: How to convert medical models to JSON in 3 steps

    3D models are required to be in JSON format in order to be parsed by Voxelent. However, medical surfaces are often in VTK format (or can be easily converted to VTK format using free cross-platform applications such as ITK SNAP). Therefore, to visualize medical surfaces, the very first step is to convert your VTK model...

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  • Tutorial: Loading Models

    In this tutorial you will learn about the mechanisms that you can use to load models in Voxelent.

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  • Tutorial: Working with the Public API

    Voxelent contains a rich set of classes to develop 3D web applications. To speed up and simplify the construction of Voxelent Apps, we have included a public API.

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  • Tutorial: Quick Start

    Hello, in this first tutorial we will download Voxelent and use it to create a simple 3D scene.

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