Namespace vxl

Voxelent Main Namespace



Contains all the constants and default variables used by Voxelent.

These properties aregrouped into sub namespaces. The vxl.c namespace covers all the 'current' objects such as the current view and the current scene.

The vxl.def namespace contains all the definitions and default values for voxelent's global parameters

The namespace contains all the events used in Voxelent

The vxl.go namespace contains all the 'global' objects. These are objects thatcan be accessed from any context in a Voxelent program

The vxl.version namespace simply informs the version of the current Voxelent platform


{vxl.c} c
current objects
{vxl.def} def
definition objects
{} events
events generated by voxelent
{vxl.go} go
global objects
{vxl.version} version