Class vxlTransforms

Encapsulates the matrices required to perform 3D rendering


This is a class that interfaces between the current camera and the rendering engine.It contains the matrices used by the current camera and that will be used for performing rendering calculations.This class also keeps track of the push-pop operations on the model-view matrix stack.This is required to combine local and global transformations.
Author: Diego Cantor.


vxlView p_view

the view that this object will refer to.


Calculates the current camera matrix from the current model-view matrix
Calculates the current model-view transform.This reference is updated whenever the active camera changes.
Calculates the normal matrix corresponding to the current Model-View matrix
Calculates the projection matrix given the current camera.The projection may be orthographic or perspective
Calculates the projection-model-view matrix
Retrieves the last Model-View transformation in the matrix stack.This operation is called by vxlActor.updateMatrixStack
Saves the current Model-View matrix in the stack. Thisoperation is called by vxlActor.updateMatrixStack


Calculate the transforms for the current view.renderer