My name is Diego H. Cantor-Rivera. I am currently a  PhD candidate in the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program at Western University (UWO), CanadaCanada-Flag . I work under the supervision of Dr. Terry Peters in a minimally invasive, image-guided surgery approach for temporal lobe epilepsy. I will be defending my thesis on April 21st, 2015!

I received a degree in Engineering from Universidad de La Salle in Bogotá, Colombia Colombia-Flag-Icon. The robot that I developed under the supervision of Sergio Rojas to obtain my engineering degree visually tracked people and allowed them to interact with a nearby computer by locating their faces and estimating the position of their pupils with respect to the computer screen.

For my master’s degree in Computer and Systems Engineering at Universidad de Los AndesColombia-Flag-Icon , I worked on 3D magnetic resonance imaging processing under the supervision of Marcela Hernandez. My final project dealt with the generation of computational vascular models of arteries with pathological changes (i.e., stenoses) for diagnostic and surgical training purposes. I developed this tool while at CREATIS imaging laboratory in Lyon, France France-Flag.

As part of my master’s degree , I traveled to Brisbane, Australia Australia-Flag, to work with the CSIRO Australian e-Health Research Centre. There, I worked in the Alzheimer’s disease project under the supervision of Oscar Acosta and I implemented a voxel-based morphometry tool for the identification of Alzheimer’s disease related atrophic tissue in structural MRI.

Aside from my experience in medical imaging, I also have worked in the IT industry leading, designing and developing large enterprise business systems.


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