There are a lot of exciting updates this spring. The first one is that I am in the review stages of the manuscript for the book WebGL Beginner’s Guide. This has kept me awake long nights and I am looking forward to its publication this year.

Having finished the bulk work on the book, I am going back to business with Voxelent. There are several features that I am currently implementing for version 0.88:

  • TOP PRIORITY: Keep working on the tutorials! This almost critical. The library has grown tremendously this last year and I need to find the time to catch up with the writing to explain all of its features.
  • Enabling Voxelent to use DOM defined shaders to build an ESSL program. Right now the only programs that we have are stored in vxl.glsl.diffuse and vxl.glsl.phong.
  • Implement Volume Rendering. This is not as complicated as I thought but I still need to find the time to test the code with CT data from our lab
  • Improve camera manipulation (Something like in Blender where you can move the camera sideways). Also add hotkeys to do upper-view, left-view, right-view, etc..
  • Work on shared scenes. This implies to use common memory and I am spending sometime finding out if a database is the best way to go or not.

As you see there is a lot going on. Big updates are coming 🙂