We have been away for a while due to PhD commitments. But now I have a bit of time and as Charles Dickens would say I have been recalled to life and I expect to start updating this business in the measure that time allows me to do.

There has been some tremendous progress in the API. In 0.89.7 we have:

  • Type and consistency checking of ESSL programs: this facilitates debugging.
  • ESSL program database and ESSL program switching support with vxlProgramManager
  • Configurable rendering engines with vxlExternalEngine
  • Loading ESSL shaders from the DOM, or from external JSON or text files using vxlProgramManager and vxlProgram
  • Camera Landmarks implemented in vxlCamera with the help of vxlLandmark
  • Animation based on landmarks using vxlCamera.doLandmarkAnimation
  • Automatic loading and parsing of VTK files, no python code needed, with the vxlVTKReader class
  • Support for multiple views (by design but new demo available)
  • Support for fullscreen mode in vxlView
  • Configurable key actions in the vxlViewInteractor (extending the behaviour of the interactor)
  • Object picking and cell picking with vxlActor.setPicker
  • Multiple actor management with vxlActorGroup
  • Support for big data models, this is models that require more than one rendering cycle to be completely displayed Implemented in vxlModel, vxlActor, vxlRenderable and vxlRenderEngine.

There are some other many planned features but so little time. I would love to hear from you. What should we work on?

For the moment being I am going to focus into writing tutorials for the features that we already have so people can really start using them.

Thank you!