• Tutorial: Cameras (work in progress)

    In this tutorial we will learn about the basic camera operations and also about the different types of cameras available in voxelent. Let’s get started How to get a handle of the active camera a) Using vxl.c.camera The fastest way to access the active camera is through voxelent current namespace. Let’s take...

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  • Spring ’14: The current state of things

    Hello! We have been away for a while due to PhD commitments. But now I have a bit of time and as Charles Dickens would say I have been recalled to life and I expect to start updating this business in the measure that time allows me to do.

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  • Tutorial: Managing multiple cameras

    In Voxelent, each view has a camera manager who takes care of managing the cameras associated with a view. The camera manager provides methods to create, delete and switch between cameras. The Camera Manager Each vxlView has an associated object that is in charge of managing the cameras. This object is an instance of vxlCameraManager....

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