After some hard work these are the new features that have been added in the latest version of voxelent

Python files has been renamed to now all the subprojects get documented at the same
time so we don't miss anything.

New classes in Nucleo

vxlMesh: enables cell by cell operations (triangles) on raw geometry (model)
vxlCell: elements of a vxlMesh
vxlPicker: handles picking
vxlPickerInteractor : handles interaction with the view (see test-cell-picking.html)
vxlRenderTarget : handles the offscreen buffer required to do color based picking.

Actor Updates

1. Face culling
vxlActor supports now back face and front face culling:

var actor = vxl.c.scene.getActorByName('sphere'); //from the current scene
actor.cullFace(; //hides the back face.

2. New actor visualization methods

Now actors can be visualized with the wireframe overlaid on top of the solid geometry:


Also flat shading is available:


Picking API

Picking is available at the object and cell levels:

actor.setPicker(, callback);
// or available too
actor.isPickable(); //returns true if actor._picking !=


the vxlPickerInteractor is fully implemented. An example of how to use it is in the test-cell-picking.html file under demos.

You need to press the p key to activate/deactivate the picking mode.

Upcoming changes

The lambert and phong strategies are going to be merged in the next version. In this version
you can see the intense effort made to make the lambert strategy more readable and easy to debug.