Voxelent platform (codename nucleo) has been updated to version 0.88.

This is the summary of features as they appear in the CHANGELOG

As usual every major version has a name associated with the day of the release in world history.

VERSION 0.88 –┬áCasablanca premiers in NYC

1. Texture mapping has been implemented

2. The vxlActor and vxlModel classes have been updated to handle textures

3. There is a new class: vxlTexture to handle the texture loading and selecting the texture filters

4. The obj2json.py importer has been updated to handle textures

5. The texture file (png, jpg image) should have dimensions (width, height) that are power of 2 and
it should be in the same directory as the json file.

6. HTML5 Full Screen implemented. Click on the view so it acquires the focus then
press f (fullscreen) or x (exit fullscreen)