Namespace vxl.def.model

Default values for models




<static> vxl.def.model.loadingMode
Enumeration with the different loading modes provided for models
  • LIVE: Each asset is added to the scene as soon as it is downloaded
  • LATER: The assets are added to the scene only when ALL of them have been downloaded
  • DETACHED: The assets are never added to the scene. The programmer decides when to do this.
These modes can be used with vxl.api.load and with vxlScene.setLoadingMode
<static> vxl.def.model.MAX_NUM_INDICES
Maximum number of indices per model (Unsigned Short range)
<static> vxl.def.model.type
Types of models
  • SIMPLE: The model is rendered at all once
  • MESH: This model represents a mesh (no shared triangles). Flat shading is required
  • BIG_DATA: This model is complex and it may required several rendering cycles.